Were you were forced to cancel your summer plans yet again this year? Or just want to get away? If so, now is the time to start planning your fall vacation.

Many restrictions have been lifted. Travel, including international travel, is possible again. But if you’ll be hitting the road or taking to the air, visiting a popular tourist destination, or getting off the beaten path, it’s important to be aware of your health and take measures to stay safe this fall. Keep reading to learn a few tips to help you do just that.

Skip the Crowds

While vaccines have rolled out and restrictions have largely begun to relax, many people are still opting to take precautions when traveling as we go into fall. If you want to be careful to avoid any potential exposures, the best thing you can do this season is to avoid the crowds.

From theme parks to busy beaches, as travelers finally take to the road and sky again, many popular tourist destinations are drawing crowds. To make social distancing easier—and enjoy a more relaxing trip—opt for a destination that’s off the beaten path.

Sointula is the ultimate destination for those looking to getaway. While there’s no shortage of things to see and do, its location has protected it from too many of the commercial effects of tourism. Besides an authentic, relaxed experience, you’ll also find plenty of room to stay safely socially distanced if you so choose.

Check Local Restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions have varied from one country, state, or city to the next since the pandemic first began. If you’re planning to travel this fall, don’t just assume that your destination will have the same rules and restrictions that are in place back home.

Before leaving for your trip, educate yourself on current local guidelines. This will help you to better plan ahead for your trip. You might find that you need to plan ahead to get carryout for dinner or even make reservations at local restaurants. While your own city might not require masks indoors, your destination could, and you’ll want to have extra masks on hand. Keep in mind that airports and planes are still requiring masks, so you’ll need to pack a few if you’ll be traveling by air.

If you’ll be crossing international borders on your way to your vacation destination, don’t forget to check that country’s restrictions and requirements as well. In addition to packing your passport or adding international coverage to your cell phone plan, you may also need to submit a COVID test or prove your vaccination status in order to enter. The last thing you want to do is be surprised by these requirements when you arrive at the airport or border crossing.

Take Precautions During Travel

Even if you’ve picked the perfect remote destination, you’ll likely still face crowds in the airport on your way. Taking extra precautions there, as well as throughout your trip, can help you stay safe and healthy during your vacation.

Frequent hand washing, and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you can’t get to a sink and soap, should be a habit even after the COVID-19 virus is no longer a threat. Wiping down your seat and tray table on your flight with a sanitizing wipe can also help ensure that you get rid of any germs that the flight cleaning crew may have missed.

Give Your Health a Boost

While the coronavirus is still a threat, traveling has always come with some health risks. Changes in your diet, sleep schedule, and the environment, in general, can leave you suffering from allergies, colds, or even just leave you feeling down. Giving your immune system a boost while you’re on the go can help.

It’s great to pack in as much excitement and adventure during your trip as you can. But be sure to give yourself time to get plenty of sleep at night, especially if you’re traveling to a different time zone. Indulge in local delicacies and some sweet treats, but balance that with plenty of lean protein and veggies to keep you energized. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while you’re hiking and exploring. 

Protecting your health and boosting your immune system should always be a priority, no matter when you choose to travel.

Be Flexible

The biggest thing that travel during COVID-19 has taught us all is the importance of remaining flexible. Whether it’s changes to local restrictions or having to cancel certain trips, staying flexible right from the start will help you avoid being disappointed if things do change in the moment. Having backup plans in place will also make it easier to change course and still enjoy an awesome vacation.

Sointula might be small, but with the wealth of outdoor activities to enjoy, it’s easy to change plans with little notice. Can’t go on that fishing excursion you were dreaming of this fall? Opt for some hiking instead. The hotel you were hoping to visit is temporarily closed or is booked solid? Head to one of our unique AirBnbs. Sointula makes it easy to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation while staying safe and healthy during your next getaway!