Many of the activities you’ll enjoy during your time on Malcolm Island — and even the transportation that you’ll use to get here — revolve around the water. If you’re prone to motion sickness, you might find yourself dreading the bucket-list worth fishing or wilderness excursion that your family has planned while visiting Sointula.

Don’t let this stop you from joining in the fun.

Seasickness can ruin a fun day on the water. But with a little pre-planning, you can fend off the symptoms before they start. Don’t let your fear of getting sick stop you from enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. Instead, check out these remedies to find the right one for you. Then, put it to work during your visit to one of Sointula’s fishing lodges.

Start with a Good Night’s Sleep

Frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts will tell you that one of the first steps to fending off any kind of illness while you’re away from home is getting enough sleep. Without rest, your body’s defenses will be compromised. Even motion sickness medication won’t be enough to keep you feeling good if you’ve skimped on sleep the night before your excursion or ferry ride.

If you’ll be traveling in from a different time zone, make sure to give your body time to rest. Try to schedule your flights to a new destination early enough that you can go to bed early to make up for the sleep that you’ll lose. If possible, adjust your sleep schedule a day or two ahead of your trip to the time zone in the place that you are traveling. 

When flying at night, do your best to sleep on the flight. Dress in comfortable clothes. Consider bringing an eye mask and headphones to help block out whatever is going on around you. 

If you tend to experience motion sickness when flying, try to sit above the wing. Take motion sickness medication an hour and a half to two hours before your flight. If your flight is at least two hours long, or if you know how the medication will affect you, you can take a motion sickness medication that causes drowsiness to help you sleep.

Stay Hydrated

Another tip that’s important when traveling, whether you’ve gotten seasick before or not, is to stay hydrated. When you’re traveling, your body is going through a lot. From time changes to new environments to the stress of airports, packing, traffic, and more, staying hydrated will help you stay sharp and healthy on the go.

Stick to water or other caffeine-free beverages to keep you hydrated. It’s best to avoid alcohol on travel days. Being hungover can make your head and stomach spin and make your motion sicknesses even worse.

Try a Natural Remedy

Mild cases of motion sicknesses can sometimes be treated with a simple natural remedy. Ginger candies are easy to find at your local pharmacy or grocery store and can be chewed on planes, boats, or anywhere else you get motion sick. Chamomile, peppermint, or ginger tea can also ease your stomach. Some people even find relief from their seasickness with a small dab of peppermint oil under their noses.

Relief on Your Wrist

Motion sickness relief bands use acupuncture technology to provide relief. These bands are designed to be worn on the wrist, making them an easy way to get relief without interfering with what you’re doing.

There are tons of seasickness bands available. Some are simple, inexpensive bands that apply gentle pressure on the wrist. More high-tech versions apply pressure while also emitting gentle pulses designed to enhance relief. Motion sickness bands can be used alongside other remedies, like medication or ginger candies.

Choosing a Medication

Having a motion sickness medication ready can help set your mind at ease if you’re worried you might get sick. Once you find a medication that works for you, using it can help you enjoy your favorite activities without getting sick.

Have a big trip planned that includes lots of time on the water? Know that you’re likely to get sick? It’s a good idea to try out different medications ahead of time to find one that works. Talk to your doctor before trying any new medications. This is important even if they are available over-the-counter. You’ll want to make sure that these medications won’t interfere with others that you are taking or affect any medical conditions you may have.

Some popular, effective motion sickness medications include:

  • Bonine: This motion sickness medication can provide relief for up to 24 hours. It also causes less drowsiness than other similar medications.
  • Scopolamine: If you’re worried about being drowsy, this medicated patch can be a great way to get relief without taking a pill.
  • Dramamine: Perhaps the most popular motion sickness medication, Dramamine comes in a variety of doses, and in both drowsy and non-drowsy versions.
  • Benadryl Allergy: While not specifically designed for motion sickness, many travelers swear by the relief they get from this popular allergy medicine.

Stopping Motion Sickness Before it Starts

The best thing you can do to keep motion sickness from getting in the way of a great time is to take measures to prevent it before it starts. From getting a good night’s sleep and staying hydrated to finding the right medication, preventing an upset stomach and dizziness starts before you arrive at Sointula.

Of course, if you forget to prepare or don’t always get motion sick, and find that you are during your visit to Sointula or a local luxury fishing lodge, don’t fret. If you’re on a fishing excursion, talk to your guide. Odds are that they will have something that will help you get relief. You can also use these tips, like staying hydrated and getting some extra sleep, to help minimize your sickness for the remainder of your trip.

Don’t let nervousness about motion sickness stand in the way of an adventure. Put these tips to work, and start planning your next visit to Sointula today!