Packing the right gear and clothing can make or break your visit to Malcolm Island.

Depending on what you plan to do and when you visit, warm clothing and waterproof outer layers can keep you warm and comfortable, while a camera will allow you to capture every awesome memory.

Ready to start packing for your next trip? Keep reading to learn a few things you should definitely have in your suitcase.

Layers to Add and Shed

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about the weather on Malcolm Island is that there’s never a guarantee. Often, temperatures vary widely from one day to the next, and even from the morning to the afternoon to the evening of a single day.

To stay comfortable all day long, the best thing that you can do is pack layers. Starting with a base layer, including short sleeves if you’re visiting during the summer months, that’s moisture wicking will help keep you cool while exploring Sointula or fighting a massive salmon on a fishing excursion. Next, add some insulation. Down jackets are great for adding warmth without the weight. But fleece or wool is a great choice as well. Finally, finish with a waterproof outer layer (more on that in a moment!).

Rain Gear

While June and July see an average of just 2 inches of rainfall each month, the rest of the year sees a bit more. And rainy days aren’t the only reason to pack your rain gear when planning an outdoor adventure on Malcolm Island. If you plan to spend time on the water, having a waterproof jacket will help keep the splash off of your clothes so that you can stay warm and comfortable.

Many fishing lodges will provide rain gear, but it’s a good idea to pack your own if you have comfortable jackets that you like to wear. If not, ask your lodge ahead of time to make sure that you won’t be left uncovered on your trip.

Waterproof Boots

Along the same lines as packing your raincoat, don’t forget to pack a pair of waterproof boots with good tread.

Boots that can stand up to splash, rain, and waves on the beach will ensure you don’t wind up stuck with wet socks and cold feet during your trip. Having a gripping sole will also keep you from sliding across the boat deck when you’re casting a line or from slipping on wet rocks when watching for whales on the orca rubbing beach.

A Camera

No matter how you choose to spend your time on Malcolm Island, you’ll no doubt find plenty of opportunities to capture photo memories of your trip. From a whale’s tail breaching the surface of the water to a friend holding up their big catch to the tranquil streets of Sointula, you’ll definitely want to snap some pictures.

Pack your camera and any gear you might need to get the perfect shot. Don’t forget to pack some extra memory cards — you may fill them up faster than you expect! If you know that you’ll be using your phone to get those Instagram shots, consider packing an external charger or two so you never run out of power.

Polarized Sunglasses

The glare of the sun on the water can make it tough to watch for marine life from a boat or from the shore. A pair of polarized sunglasses can help cut the glare and allow you to see what’s swimming beneath the surface. If you plan to spend time on the water, consider adding an eyewear retainer or chain so you don’t lose your glasses.

Your Passport

If you’re visiting Malcolm Island from outside of Canada, you’ll need to have a valid passport or passport card to get in.

Passport cards are available to U.S. citizens. These are a less expensive version of a traditional passport. However, these can only be used to travel to Canada by car. So if you’ll be flying to British Columbia, you’ll need to get a regular passport instead.

Keep in mind that it usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks for a passport application to be processed. Apply early to give your passport or passport card plenty of time to arrive before your trip.

British Columbia Fishing License

A passport isn’t the only I.D. you’ll need during your visit. If you’ll be casting a line while in British Columbia, you’re also going to need a valid fishing license.

You can purchase a British Columbia fishing license before you arrive for your trip simply by going online. If you’re booking a stay at a fishing lodge, check with the staff ahead of time to find out exactly what kind of license you’ll need.

Planning Your Next Outdoor Adventure on Malcolm Island

Having the right gear and clothing can help to make your next outdoor adventure on Malcolm Island a bit more comfortable, and ensure that nothing stands between you and an incredible trip.

Ready to start planning your next adventure? Check out the “Plan Your Trip” tab to find the best hotels, activities, and more to customize the perfect trip!