If you’re already dreaming of your next summer adventure to Sointula, why not take advantage of holiday shopping deals to stock up on gear for yourself and your family for your next trip?

From polarized sunglasses to waterproof boots, there’s plenty of gear that will enhance your trip, or delight the outdoor lovers on your Christmas shopping list. Keep reading to learn 3 great gift ideas to buy now and use on your next visit to Sointula.

Polarized Sunglasses

During your visit to Sointula, you’ll no doubt spend plenty of time on or around the water. Whether you’re fighting a fish on the line or watching for orcas on the whale rubbing beach, one gift that’s certain to enhance your trip is a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Polarized lenses are designed to absorb horizontal light waves while allowing vertical light waves to still pass through. The result is a big reduction of glare from the sun on the surface of the water, giving you a better view of what’s beneath the surface, even on a bright, sunny day.

While all polarized sunglasses help to cut down on glare, the color of your lenses will change what you see. For instance, lenses with a yellow tint and high contrast are designed to help you see better in low light conditions, such as when you’re out on the water for an early morning of fishing. Blue lenses with a mirrored finish are better suited for fishing on the open water and on very bright days.

You could invest in a high-end pair of polarized sunglasses with lenses that are suited for the type of fishing that you do most often. Or, opt for several pairs of sunglasses with different types of lenses so that you can swap them out throughout the day. You can also get sunglasses with removable lenses that you can change depending on the conditions.

Rain Gear

Rainy days are a common occurrence throughout the year in Sointula. Depending on the month that you plan to visit, you could wind up seeing rainfall at some point during every day of your visit.

A whopping six months of the year see an average of more than 20 days of rainfall. All but one month (August) sees 15 or more days of rain. The average days of rainfall each month on Malcolm Island are:

  • January: 22 rainy days
  • February: 19 rainy days
  • March: 23 rainy days
  • April: 21 rainy days
  • May: 17 rainy days
  • June: 19 rainy days
  • July: 15 rainy days
  • August: 13 rainy days
  • September: 17 rainy days
  • October: 22 rainy days
  • November: 23 rainy days
  • December: 22 rainy days

A rainy day on the island doesn’t have to ruin your fun. From fishing to sightseeing to whale watching, you can still enjoy the same activities you would on a sunny day when the skies get dark. But having the right gear along can definitely help to make a rainy day more comfortable and enjoyable.

A waterproof rain shell and rain pants are two great investments ahead of your visit. Opt for a rain jacket that’s large enough to add layers underneath. This will help you stay warm while it rains, and allow you to remove your wet jacket when the skies clear. Rain pants are great for keeping your bottom half dry and insulated on a chilly day.

Even if it doesn’t rain, rain gear is great to have along while fishing, as it’ll help you to stay dry from splashes and spray.

Hiking Boots

It’s tough to enjoy a day of fishing or exploring with wet, soggy, or sore feet. A pair of waterproof, supportive hiking boots can easily prevent this.

A good pair of boots is a must for your visit to Sointula. You want a pair that offers support for long hours of standing on a pitching boat deck and grip for scaling a rocky beach. But, they should still be lightweight and comfortable; the last thing you want is for your shoes to leave your feet feeling heavy and sore.

Opt for boots with a waterproof upper, or plan to treat your boots with a waterproofing spray ahead of your trip. This will help keep your feet dry in the rain or while on the water.

If you’re taking advantage of great holiday deals while shopping this season, consider grabbing two pairs of boots. That way if one pair winds up soaked, you can wear the other while you wait for them to dry. Looking for a great stocking stuffer? Warm socks in moisture-wicking fabrics are always a popular choice for outdoor lovers.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift: A Visit to Sointula

While hiking boots, polarized sunglasses, and rain gear are certain to be a hit with the outdoor lovers on your list, if you’re looking for an even more exciting gift to put beneath the tree this year, think outside the box.

A visit to Soinula for you and your family is much more than just a special holiday gift. It’s a chance to spend quality time together and create new memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Whether you book a hotel stay or a luxury fishing excursion, the holidays are a great time to surprise your family with your plans and give you several months to look forward to your adventure together.