You’ve researched the perfect lodging option for your trip. Booked the right fishing excursions. Paid for your plane tickets, and arranged for a float plane ride from the mainland.

Now, the only thing left to do before your summer 2022 visit to Sointula is to wait.

If you’re already struggling to wait patiently for the trip of a lifetime to finally arrive, we can help. The following virtual tours, live web cams, and more can help you experience a taste of British Columbia from your living room.

Frolic with Sea Otters 

Can’t wait to spot wildlife in their natural habitats during your next visit to Sointula? Head to the Vancouver Aquarium’s website for the closest look you’ll get without leaving your living room.

The Aquarium’s website features several live web cams placed in some of the enclosures at their facility. There’s an underwater webcam in the sea otter exhibit perfect for catching them diving and playing in the water. There’s an above-water cam too where you can watch them play and eat. While you won’t see them on Malcolm Island, you can also watch penguins as well as jellyfish.

If you’ll be bringing along little ones on your next visit to Sointula, the Vancouver Aquarium website offers a variety of educational resources you can use to teach your kids about the mammals and sea creatures you’ll see during your visit.

Check out the Vancouver Aquarium’s live webcams here.

Take a Step Back in Time 

British Columbia has a long and rich history of early native people and anglo settlers. While a visit to the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver might not be possible right now, you can still check out thousands of pieces of history in their online collection.

This extensive database features images and information about artifacts housed in the museum’s archives. Many of these items are related to the history of the First Nations of the Pacific that once called the region and Malcolm Island home.

Check out the Museum of Anthropology’s online collection here.

Drop in for Adventure 

While virtual tours are great for experiencing a taste of what’s waiting for you on your next vacation, they also allow us to experience things we might never see in person. This is one such tour.

Most of us have no plans to drop from a helicopter onto the side of the mountain and then ski to the bottom. But many adventurers have done just that. Thanks to some awesome technology, they’re letting us all come along for the ride via a virtual tour. From the heart-pounding ride to the incredible views of British Columbia’s Columbia Mountains, this tour is perfect for getting away without leaving home. In fact, the remote area where these skiers take us is one that’s only accessible by helicopter.

You can watch the 5-minute virtual reality film, Lines of Sight: a Guided Virtual Reality Experience here.

Peek in the Nest of a Bald Eagle

The sight of a bald eagle dipping down above the water is one that many visitors to Sund’s Lodge treasure. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to see it yourself or are hoping to on your next visit, you can take a look right now straight from your computer screen.

Hancock Wildlife in Surrey, British Columbia is on a mission to spread awareness and education about this incredible species. Part of their educational mission is to connect people around the world with bald eagles. They’re using webcams to give everyone a chance to see eagles in their natural habitats. FIve webcams are placed above or near nests. 

These eagles are wild, so you may need to check back often to catch sight of one in their nests. Bookmark the cams so that you can check back to see eggs hatch and baby eagles grow.

Check out the five webcams for a chance to spot an eagle in the wild here.

Visit a Park or Other Outdoor Space

Enjoy an afternoon “outside” or maybe a fun nature-themed date with one of several virtual tours of some of British Columbia’s most popular parks and outdoor spaces at

This website allows you to wander the 108 Heritage Site, a collection of buildings dating back to the Cariboo gold rush of the 1860s, see the gushing waters of the Twin Falls Recreational Site, and more.

Enjoy one of the many British Columbia park and outdoor space virtual tours here.

Plan a Virtual Visit to British Columbia Until You Can Visit Again in Person

While your next visit might still be a few months away, these virtual tours and live webcams are a great way to experience British Columbia until you can.

After you’re done watching these, head over to our trip planning resources to book tours, research dining, and more ahead of your trip!