A Sointula camping adventure is a great way to experience our island’s natural beauty up-close and personal! Despite its small size, Malcolm Island is home to two campgrounds; Bere Point Campsite and Harmony Shores Campground. Each offers a unique camping experience to fit every style. Whether you’re traveling to Malcolm Island with your RV or prefer to rough it in the woods, you’ll find what you’re looking for at these two beautiful campgrounds.

No matter where you choose to stay, there are a few essentials you’ll want to pack for your camping adventure in Sointula British Columbia. Keep reading to jumpstart your packing list with these must-haves.

GPS Tracker

Hiking for the first time in a new location can be a little nerve-wracking. While Malcolm Island is just 15 miles long and 3 miles wide, it does have a number of hiking trails to choose from. If you’re planning to hit the trails, keep in mind that cell phone service can sometimes be spotty. For that reason, you’ll want to consider bringing a paper map along. 

Another great item to have is a GPS tracker. This small device can help give you peace of mind while hiking in an unfamiliar area. It can be used in emergency situations to send for help or to simply help you find your way back to camp if you wander off trail to take a side trip down to the beach to enjoy the view.

Warm Layers

Planning a summer Sointula camping trip is a great chance to enjoy the island’s mild weather this time of year. But while days are often warm and sunny, early mornings, evenings, and nights can be chilly. You’ll want to bring shorts and short sleeves for hiking or exploring during the day. But you’ll also want to pack some warm layers for your trip.

A waterproof or water-resistant jacket is a must-have for any camping trip. In addition to keeping you warm, it can be used as a blanket or cover up from the sun and even protect you from rain if necessary. Thermals, pants, long sleeve shirts, and even a sweater or down jacket is also great to have along,

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are a must-have for any visit to Sointula British Columbia. They protect your feet from the sharp rocks and roots you’ll have to overcome, no matter what hiking route you take. They also help keep your feet dry as you walk along our rocky beaches, watching for orcas on our famous whale rubbing beach.

If you plan to do any serious hiking, keep in mind that these boots need to be broken in before hitting the trail. When buying new boots for a trip, consider buying them early and enjoying a few hikes at home to make sure that you’ll be comfortable during your trip.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be on your packing list for any outdoor adventure, including a Sointula camping trip. You can purchase a pre-assembled kit, or make your own. Some items your first aid kit should have include:

  •     Bandages (various sizes) and wraps
  •     Antiseptics and painkillers (antiseptics for cuts, burns, and scrapes; painkillers for sprains and strains)
  •     Antihistamines (for allergic reactions)
  •     Snakebite kit (in case you’re bitten by a snake)
  •     Tick remover tool
  •     Survival blanket/tarp (to keep warm in case conditions change or if you get lost)
  •     Safety pins for clothing repairs or holding medical wraps


Sunscreen is an essential item for any camping trip, especially if you plan to spend your day outside. Even on cloudy days on Malcolm Island, UV rays can still get through and leave you with a painful burn.

You’ll want to choose a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF — higher if you’re prone to burning easily. If you’re sweating, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen even more frequently throughout the day.

Bug Spray

Summertime camping on Malcolm Island does mean having to contend with some bugs! Having a bug spray on hand can help you keep them at bay so you can enjoy your campsite even more.

Backup Phone Charger

A backup phone charger is especially important if you plan to enjoy some rough backcountry camping at Bere Point Campsite. None of the 29 campsites at this park have electricity. This is a great chance to avoid distractions during your trip and to take in Malcolm Island’s tranquil beauty. 

But if you do want to have access to your cell phone during your trip, you’ll want to bring a backup phone charger or two. Don’t forget to make sure they’re charged before you arrive!

If you’d rather have access to outlets or electricity to power other electronics, Harmony Shores Campground might be a better choice for your trip.

Trash Bags

Do your part to keep our island beautiful for future generations of campers by packing out all trash that you pack in! Bringing along a few trash bags can help you do this. Before leaving your campsite, give it a quick once-over to make sure that you haven’t left any trash behind.

Planning Your Sointula Camping Adventure

A Sointula camping adventure is a great way to experience our beautiful island in a whole new way! Use this packing list as a starting point as you begin planning your own camping trip.

Ready to start planning? Click here for the ultimate guide to Malcolm Island camping!