There’s plenty to see and do during your stay at a Sointula hotel. There’s fish to be caught on an excursion in Blackfish Sound. Orcas, whales, otters, and dolphins to watch for in the waves, not to mention plenty of animals on the shorelines. Hiking trails to explore. And, of course, the incredible town of Sointula to wander.

But while it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of each day’s adventures, don’t forget to pause for a moment to capture a few photos of your fun. When you return home to your regular, busy schedule, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to capture the memories so that you can look back on them for years to come, and be able to share them with family and friends!

Whether you’re casting a line on a luxury fishing excursion, watching for orcas at the rubbing beach, exploring the island, or relaxing and taking in a sunset, you’ll find no shortage of Kodak moments just waiting to be captured. Here are just a few of the pictures you won’t want to miss on your next Sointula hotel stay.

1. A Stunning British Columbia Sunset

British Columbia is known for many things; its large expanses of untouched wilderness, the variety of wildlife, and the great fishing. But spend a day in Malcolm Island hotels, and you’ll quickly see that one of the region’s best displays appears each evening.

Sunsets in British Columbia are a sight to behold. Make it a point each evening of your trip to pause for a moment to enjoy the brilliant oranges and reds as the sun dips into a blue and green horizon. 

2. The Excitement of a Whale’s Tail Breaking the Surface

One of the most iconic shots you can take on your visit to British Columbia is a whale’s tail breaking the surface of the tranquil waters. Thought to be a method of communication, the majestic flip of a tail is a rare and special sight. 

If you’re lucky enough to spot a whale during a fishing charter, get your camera or phone ready to start snapping away! While tougher to capture, you’ll want to bring your phone or camera when you visit our island’s famous whale rubbing beach as well. But you’ll have to snap fast — and maybe get a bit lucky — to capture a shot of an orca’s back breaking the surface here.

One of the best parts of staying at a Sointula hotel for a few days or longer is the chance to return to the famous beach multiple times to increase your chances of seeing orcas.

3. A Snap of Our Historic Town

The town of Sointula is home to some beautiful architecture, much of which has its roots in Finnish design. Take a stroll through town and snap a few shots — it doesn’t take a professional eye to get a great picture of this special place!

4. Holding Up Your Record-Breaking Catch

If you’re planning to book a luxury fishing excursion or shorter fishing charter during your visit, a picture of you holding your own record-breaking catch is a great addition to your Instagram feed or photo album. Whether it’s your very first catch, your largest, or just like hundreds of others you’ve made in the past, the excitement of reeling in a fish never quite goes away. 

In the heat of the moment, capturing a picture of your beaming smile as you hold up your catch is easy to forget. But try to remember to have your guide, a friend, or a loved one take a picture of you. This is a great way to capture the feeling at that moment that you’ll love to look back on for years to come.

5. Shots of Your Friend Reeling in a Big Catch

Just as worth capturing as a picture of your catch once it’s on the boat is the fight to reel it in in the first place.

Do your family and travel companions a favor and remember to take a few pictures of them as they reel in a catch or two. And maybe remind them to do the same for you! Of course, if you want to stay hands-free and still get a close-up, you can always put a GoPro to use to capture your big catch.

6. Sea Lions Piled Up on a Remote Beach

Sea lions piled up on rocky, remote beaches is another iconic image the region is known for. These creatures are as fun to watch as they are to photograph.

Steller sea lion males can weigh up to 2,500 pounds. Their large size, loud calls, and tendency to pile on top of one another make them easy to spot while you’re out on the water. Watch for these beaches while on the water on charters and ferries in the region. You can book a wildlife or fishing charter while staying in Malcolm Island hotels to go in search of sea lions and other wildlife.

7. Morning Mist Rising Off the Water

Whether you’re a morning person or not, the sight of the mist rising off the water as you make your way out of your Sointula hotel and down to the water for a day of fishing or exploring is enough to make you grateful for your early start to the day. 

8. Posing with Your Friends and Loved Ones on the Trip of a Lifetime

Perhaps the most important pictures to take during your trip are of you and your family or friends together! Whether you plan to post photos of your trip or not, make sure to take the time to document your time with your loved ones — your future self with thank you!

Capturing Kodak Moments During Your Sointula Hotel Stay

From shots of the wildlife to a snap of you holding up the best catch of your trip, you’ll enjoy no shortage of Kodak-worthy moments during your Sointula hotel stay.

Ready to prepare to capture every amazing photo-worthy moment while staying in Malcolm Island hotels? Click here to learn a few tips for capturing great wildlife photos.