Whether you’ve tried your hand at fishing for salmon in the past or not, it’s no doubt at the top of your list of things to do during your visit to Sointula. The 5 BC salmon species draw fishing enthusiasts from around the world, eager to try their hand at catching a massic Chinook or challenging Chum salmon.

But which of the BC salmon types is the most popular to catch? Or, better yet, which are the best to eat?

Keep reading as we break down the most popular to catch, which are popular to eat, and what you need to know about booking a fishing excursion during your stay on Malcolm Island.

What’s the Most Popular BC Salmon Species?

When you’re fishing on remote Blackfish Sound in beautiful British Columbia, reeling in any kind of salmon, or any kind of fish, for that matter, is exciting. But if you’re looking for a challenge, an Instagram-worthy picture of your catch to show off, or maybe just some bragging rights, there are a few specific subspecies you’ll be hoping to see at the end of your line.


As the largest of the BC salmon species, the Chinook Salmon, sometimes known as Spring, King, or Tyee salmon, are one of the most popular to reel in. These fish can reach a whopping 130 pounds when fully grown, and are nearly 5 feet in length. However, most average around 9 kg, or 20 pounds, and are a little over two feet long. Even at that size, the Chinook can still put up a fight on the line. 


While Chinook may be one of the most popular of the BC salmon types to catch because of its size, other subspecies are also fun to catch. The Chum salmon, also known as Dog salmon, is also an exciting catch. This is the second largest of the salmon species native to British Columbia. They average between 8 and 15 pounds.


Size isn’t everything, though. The Sockeye salmon might not be the largest of the BC salmon, but it’s known for being the strongest. It’s a popular catch among fishing enthusiasts because it jumps, dives, and fights on the line. The Sockeye is known for its bright, red bodies and green heads, though they slowly lose this color as they make their way into the ocean after leaving their spawning grounds.

Which of the BC Salmon Types is the Best to Eat?

Fighting a salmon on the line is an exciting experience during your Sointula adventure. But if you plan to take home some of the fish that you catch, you might also be interested to learn which of the BC salmon types are the best for eating.

It’s not a big surprise that the King salmon once again tops the list. This salmon’s large size is one part of its popularity. But according to research, the King salmon also has one of the highest fat content of any wild-caught salmon. As a result, their filets are juicy and delicious. If you were to purchase wild-caught King salmon in the grocery store, it would likely be the most expensive option!

Next up is the Sockeye salmon. This BC salmon species is second only to the King salmon in fat content. It’s also packed with omega-3 fatty acids and is low in sodium. The Sockeye is often known for having a rich, salmon flavor that most salmon lovers really enjoy. This is something you won’t find in most store-bought salmon filets!

The least popular of the salmon species for eating is the Chum salmon. These fish are known for having a more mild taste and a dry texture. However, if you get creative with your recipe, even a wild-caught Chum salmon filet can taste delicious!

Booking a Fishing Excursion During Your Stay on Malcolm Island

Dreaming of fighting your own Sockeye salmon, or of digging into a King salmon filet that you caught yourself? You’ll definitely want to book a fishing excursion or a stay at a fishing resort during your visit to Sointula.

Sointula Lodge is Malcolm Island’s very own luxury fishing lodge. The Lodge offers four and five-day packages that feature plenty of time on the water, all of your gear, and the help of experienced guides. You’ll fish with just three to four guests per boat, which means a personalized experience. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never cast a line before, your guide will be there to lend a hand or show you the best spots for fishing.

Plus, at the end of each day, the Lodge’s staff cleans, prepares, and packages your fish. When your stay is over, they’ll pack your packaged fish in wax boxes for you to take home. When you get there, put your filets in your own freezer, and you’ll have delicious, fresh-caught fish to enjoy and share with friends and family.

If you’re planning to stay in other Malcolm Island hotels, you can always book an individual fishing charter during your stay. Go out for a few hours or a whole day, and still have time during the rest of your trip to explore the island and enjoy other activities.

Ready to try your hand at catching one of these BC salmon species? Start planning your next visit to Sointula today!