Still working your way through your holiday shopping list? If you have an outdoor enthusiast or two on your list, you know just how tough it can be to choose a gift that they’ll love. Whether they love fishing, hiking, or any number of other outdoor activities, odds are that they have specific tastes when it comes to choosing their gear. This can make it tough to buy things like fishing rods or hiking boots. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get them something that they’ll love. From budget-friendly stocking stuffers like water bottles and wool socks to the gift of a lifetime, like a stay at Malcolm Island hotels, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of gifts for every outdoor enthusiast in your life. Check them out before you start your holiday shopping this year!

Water Bottles

One fun gift idea that every outdoor enthusiast is sure to love is a great water bottle. Whether your friend or family member loves to hike, run, climb, or fish, they likely have a handful of water bottles. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t love another one!

Water bottles are a great gift because you can customize them to fit your friend’s or family member’s style. Choose from a variety of price points, colors, patterns, and styles. You can even customize this gift by ordering one that’s engraved with their name. Or, add a pack of stickers that they can use to decorate their new bottle.

Wool Socks

Another great gift that no one can have enough of are some socks. But not just any socks! Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors knows that wool socks are the superior option. Wool wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry, warm, and comfortable, whether you’re hitting the trails or spending a day on the water during a fishing charter. Unlike cotton, wool stays warm and provides insulation even when wet. 

Much like water bottles, wool socks are available in a wide variety of styles and price points. These make for an excellent stocking stuffer, too!

Base Layers

Similar to wool socks, a great set of base layers is a great option. This is especially true for the outdoor lover who enjoys exploring during the winter months, or in destinations that see chilly temps or wet weather all year long—like British Columbia.

The best base layers are those made from wool or synthetic materials. These will wick away sweat, rain, or spray from the waves while out on the water. This helps to keep your skin dry and keep you warm, even when temperatures plunge.

Down Jackets

If you’re looking for a more high-end gift, a down jacket can be a great choice. Down jackets are wonderful for adding warmth without adding bulk. They are also excellent if you’re planning to travel. These pack down to almost nothing yet can keep you warm even when temperatures drop.

For those who already have a stay in Malcolm Island hotels planned, down jackets are an even better gift idea. Because temperatures may vary throughout the day in Sointula, a down jacket is a great way to stay warm early in the morning or as the sun goes down. When you need to shed this layer, you can stuff your jacket in your bag, and not have to worry about carrying around a bulky coat all day long.

Luggage and Travel Accessories

Another unique gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast who also loves to travel is luggage or travel accessories. From a rugged suitcase perfect for carrying their gear during their Sointula hotel stay to toiletry cases and shoe bags perfect for keeping their stuff organized while on the go, there are tons of options to choose from.

Any of these gifts can also be a fun way to announce the next gift on this list; a surprise stay at Malcolm Island hotels.

A Bucket List Adventure: A Stay in Malcolm Island Hotels

Looking for the ultimate gift for the adventure lover on your list? How about a stay in Malcolm Island hotels?

When it comes to gifting, nothing quite beats an experience-based gift. Instead of gifting items that will eventually wear out, get lost, or otherwise get set aside, gifting an experience means giving your friend or loved one a memory that they’ll never forget. Bonus points if it’s an experience that you can enjoy together!

Along with a stay in Sointula hotels, you could also add a fishing charter or outdoor tour to your trip. Better yet, consider booking an all-inclusive package from our island’s own luxury resort, Sointula Lodge. From your lodging to your food to your daily excursions, these packages include everything, making them a great way to give an adventure to a friend or loved one.

From Socks to Stays in Malcolm Island Hotels: The Ultimate Christmas Gifts 

From wool socks and water bottles to a stay in Malcolm Island hotel, these are a few of the best gifts for every outdoor enthusiast in your life!

Ready to start planning the ultimate adventure to share with your friends or loved ones? Check out our planning resources today to get started!