Looking for the perfect summer vacation to enjoy with your family in 2023? A visit to our island’s stunning luxury fishing resort, Sointula Lodge, can be an incredible family trip. Their packages can be customized to suit your group’s interests and abilities. Parents get to enjoy the ease of an all-inclusive resort stay, while kids will love finding adventure at every turn! But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly family vacation, Malcolm Island has another amazing option; a Sointula camping adventure!

Camping is one of the best ways to experience Malcolm Island. It’s a great chance to get up close and personal with the pristine wilderness that the island is known for. And with a couple of campgrounds on the island, you can choose your experience, whether you’re someone who likes to rough it or want a few more creature comforts.

Still on the fence about what kind of vacation to take your family on this summer? Keep reading as we dive into five reasons why a Sointula camping trip should be at the top of your list.

It’s Good For Your Health

If you’ve ever taken a relaxing stroll outdoors on a sunny day or even just sat in your backyard after a long day, you know how restorative time outdoors can be. But the health benefits go beyond just a mood boost. Studies show that spending time outside improves our memory, helps us fight depression, lowers our cancer risk, and can even drop our blood pressure.

But it isn’t just adults who enjoy health benefits. Spending time outdoors inspires our children’s imaginations, builds confidence, and helps encourage physical health.  

On any visit to Malcolm Island, you’re guaranteed to spend plenty of time outside. But planning a camping trip is a great way to maximize that time and allow your family to reap the many benefits.

You’ll Disconnect—and Reconnect

From the smartphone in your pocket to your work laptop to your tablet with the latest sports stats or news, most of us are constantly connected to the web. And if you choose a beach vacation or opt to explore a new city, the temptation to stay over-connected during your trip is going to be much stronger. This means less time spent enjoying your family’s company and experiencing what’s going on off-screen. If your kids are old enough to play video games, you’ll likely find them with their faces buried in their screens more than you’d like, too.

A Sointula camping adventure is almost certainly guaranteed to force you to disconnect. If you’re sleeping in a tent, charging endless devices is going to be a challenge. Wi-Fi usually isn’t available in campgrounds, and even your cell phone service may be limited once you get away from town. 

All of this adds up to a wonderful opportunity; the chance to disconnect from your tech and reconnect with your family. With everyone forced away from their screens, you’ll spend more quality time together talking, swapping stories, and making new memories. You might even find yourself inspired to plan an annual Sointula camping trip just to give you a reason to disconnect for a few days each year.

The Chance to Explore Malcolm Island

Malcolm Island is just 15 miles long and three miles wide, with a year-round population of fewer than 700 people. But despite its small size, the island has plenty to see and do, especially for families.

Stop by the Sointula Museum to learn about the island’s rich history. Book a fishing excursion, and take to the water in search of salmon. Bring a  bike or kayak to explore the island or its surrounding waters. Head to the famous whale-rubbing beach for a chance to see orcas rubbing their backs on the sandy shoes. As a bonus, if you stay at the Bere Regional Campground, this beach will be just a short walk away! There’s truly something for every family and family member to enjoy.

Everyone Can Break Out of Their Comfort Zone

Outdoor adventures are a great chance to break out of your comfort zone and test your boundaries. A Sointula camping trip makes this easy. 

Away from the comforts of home, a camping adventure, coupled with a variety of outdoor activities and adventures, makes it easy to encourage your children to break out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Planning a Sointula Camping Adventure in 2023

A Sointula camping adventure is the ultimate vacation for you and your family. You’ll reap the endless benefits of spending time outside, while also trying new things, disconnecting from technology, and creating some incredible memories together.

Ready to start planning your own adventure on Malcolm Island? Check out our planning resources to get started. If camping isn’t your thing, don’t fret; there are plenty of other Sointula lodging options to choose from!